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The Health Center is located at several sites throughout Downtown Lowell and in Tewksbury; including the schools. LCHC is easily accessible by public transport, as many of our sites are located...

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Drug Detoxification Processes and Facilities in Tewksbury

Within a health perspective, prolonged use of certain substance like alcohol and narcotics leads to addiction. In fact unregulated drugs like alcohol and tobacco smoking are among the leading causes of substance addiction in the society today. In addition, persistent use of controlled substances like opiates and morphine results in considerable addiction levels. Severe drug addicts expressing the desire to stop their harmful habits normally attend rehabilitation centers where they receive treatment and counseling. Immediately upon admission to a rehab center, the first stage of treatment involves drug detoxification. The addiction effect of substances means that the abuser's body system cannot function properly in the absence of their drug. Therefore, addiction leads to development of a concentration threshold upon which alcohol, nicotine or any other drug should not drop beyond that level. In this regard, detoxification entails eliminating accumulated chemical substances from the abused drugs, which had placed a certain concentration threshold on users' systems. Elimination of these accumulated toxic is just the initial stage of rehabilitation, and detoxification itself cannot serve as an effective treatment procedure for addicts.

From a biological perspective, alcohol and other sedatives act as depressants to the central nervous system. Indulgence in the drink causes impaired judgment and disturbed nerve coordination. This is the reason why alcoholics cannot engage in constructive decision making processes. Other drugs like opiates and narcotics also alter normal functioning of the brain. This means that altered perceptions cannot enable addicts to understand the importance of a drug free life. In this case, detoxification allows freshmen within a rehabilitation center to experience a drug free state within their neurological system. This process presents numerous challenges to individuals, which may lead to withdrawal from a rehabilitation program. Sudden elimination of accumulated toxics within an addict's blood stream causes substantial feelings of irritation and cravings for the drug. Typical withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, aggression and elevated restlessness. Based on these extreme effects of the process, addicts must be encouraged in order to go past the detoxification stage. Lack of considerable encouragement efforts by family members lead to diminished self motivation; hence the victim may revert back to the drug life.

As a result of increasing drug addiction rates in the US today, societies have embraced establishment of efficient rehabilitation centers. Examples of such centers include those in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. These centers offer all services required of an ideal drug rehabilitation center. Upon admission into these facilities, addicts must undergo the first step of detoxification. Drug detoxification in Tewksbury has proves to be the main cause of premature drop out from a rehab program. Upon completion of the medical process in an alcohol rehab center, addicts usually develop nervousness, extreme anxiety and even life-threatening seizures. This usually occurs to individuals with a prolonged history of alcohol consumption. Accumulation of ethanol in the blood stream over an extended period causes the body to assimilate this chemical compound into the body's functional systems. This is the reason why sudden elimination of accumulated alcohol toxics cause severe withdrawal symptoms and life-threatening conditions.

In the process of drug detoxification, Tewksbury rehabilitation centers employs various methods that suit the patients' preference and level of addiction detected. For individuals entering the centers, the first thing involves selecting the most suitable detoxification program to be used. Alcohol addicts in Tewksbury are advised by doctors and certified nursing assistants on the most effective and less irritating mode of achieving detoxification. Certain methods like cold turkey involve sudden and permanent stop on the use of drugs and any other substances. Other methods are done by administering drugs to patients, which are either injected intravenously or ingested orally. With respect to risks associated with withdrawal symptoms, concerned health authorities responsible for monitoring drug detoxification in Tewksbury emphasize on adherence to proper medical supervision exercises on patients during this process. In case any emergency like seizures occurs during the detoxification, doctors should respond swiftly in treating affected patients.

Among established detoxification facilities within the Tewksbury region is Lowell Community Health Center. The center is located in Tewksbury Hospital at Tewksbury MA, 1876. Practitioners within the facility offer expert services dealing with treatment of substance abuse patients. In addition, Lowell Community center offers both drug detoxification and methadone detoxification services. In the case of Methadone detoxification, heroin and other opiate addicts are given controlled levels of methadone. Methadone is an analgesia used in place of morphine and other narcotics. Methadone detoxification is conducted with the objective to reduce daily doses in a gradual but progressive manner. Apart from Lowell Community center, there are other numerous facilities within Tewksbury offering essential drug detoxification treatments. These other centers include CAB Health and Recovery Services Inc, Middlesex Human Service Agency and Center for Family Development among others.


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