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Fairview Recovery Services

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Minneapolis Detox Centers

Fairview Recovery Services

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Muscala Chemical Health Clinic

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Fairview Chemical Dependency Services

Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem that affects millions of individuals and families in the U.S. Some individuals need inpatient treatment and rehabilitation to kick their dependency on alcohol and drugs. Some of those who need treatment will end up going to an alcohol and drug rehab. Individuals will then be detoxified from substances.

A drug detox generally is a withdrawal process often aided by prescription drugs like Ativan and Librium to help the body adjust to the pain caused by the withdrawal process. The detox phase of treatment is generally split into 3 phases:

Evaluation where the practitioners inteview the addict and get a general idea what drugs or substances may be circulating in their body.

The stabilization phase where the withdrawal is accomplished. The guding into treatment phase, whereupon the addict is ecouraged toward rehab to alleviate their dependency of prescription drugs.

There are different chemical dependency programs offered in the United States. One of these is the chemical dependency program at Fairview. Fairview chemical dependency services consist of a few different things. One is our philosophy that involves abstinence from all addictive drugs and prescribes that family be part of the assessment, evaluation and treatment of the individual. We also use group processes to treat the addict and their family. Individuals that come to get their needs met in terms of chemical dependency services will benefit from the ongoing treatment. We also suggest follow up with Alcohoholics Anonymous or other 12 step based programs.

Fairview chemical dependency services offers a variety of inpatient and outpatient programs for those that are suffering chemical dependency issues. The treatment involves a number of steps in the treatment process, They offer evaluation and detoxification and treatment for those who are suffering from chemical dependency problems.

Fairview offers treatment for all age groups from children to seniors. As mentioned they offer different treatment programs but the overall goal is abstinence from any addictive drug. Some of the variety of treatment options that are available for individuals include the following inpatient programs that are offered for adults include the following:

Detox and medical stabilization

This is offered physician and nurse assisted withdrawal, from drugs, psychological assessment and supervised detox from the chemical altering substances. Evaluation is also provided by a chemical addiction counselor. This is a great way to start this process off successfully. There is a also an assessment and physical exam as part of this process.

Our adult programs also consist of a dual diagnosis program which can help those who are suffering from addiction and other mental health issues. Patient who have this co morbid disorders will receive counseling as well as substance abuse service.

Phase 1 Treatment
This has allowed them to phase 1 treatment that helps the individual rebuild their tattered self esteem. It is a a process that helps the patient understand the negative effects that substance abuse had on their lives and its effects on family relationships.

Day Outpatient
These programs allow the inividual to participate in a 3 to 4 week program for 20 hours a week.

Evening outpatient allows individuals to participate in an evening program two hours a day for 20 sessions.

Phase ll Recovery
Used to sustain the programs, and involves group therapy, counseling, and educational workshops

Senior Outpatient program
These are prgrams for 2 hours a day for 20 sesions.

Concerned person program
Ability to accomplish the program that can be involved in this program one or two evening a week, for those who have been impacted by the addict.

Phase III
This is the group that allows the addict to have continuing growth in their sobriety. This group is run by alumni of the program an gives individuals tools for sober living.

An alumini program is offered by those ho have graduate form the program and it offers support for those who ar living treatment an are going off into the world. It can provide support and tools to help the individual deal with their sobriety efforts in the real world.

In addition to the following programs individuals can also choose to participate in a children's program for those who are younger people from substance abuse issues, an may have special needs in terms of chemical dependency issues. Those who are suffering from chemical dependency issues may wish to consult with the professionals at Fairview Health services for information on what their chemical dependency programs can do for you.


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