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KITSAP Recovery Center

1975 NE Fuson Road Bremerton, WA 98311
(360) 337-4625

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Quitting Drug And Alcohol Addictions With Reliable Medical Detoxification

It's rather easy for people to get addicted to drugs and alcohol once they get a taste of it. But for those who decide they need professional assistance in order to quit, coordinating with a notable detox center is important. At any detox rehab, medically cleansing the body of harmful drugs and alcohol is the first thing that a patient must do. Once the body is detoxified, the road to recovery will be much easier for the patient.

Period Of Time

The severity of the patient's drug and alcohol habit, largely affects the length of the detoxifying process. Moreover, ridding the patient's system of the toxins will vary in time frames according to their unique body processes and personality.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms such as anxiousness, depression and insomnia will be experienced when the withdrawal process gets underway. Patients will also experience extreme hunger for drugs and alcohol; feel very irritable; have sudden mood swings; and possibly get mild or intense seizures. These seizures may persist for several days.

Treatment At Detox Centers

Treatment programs at these centers generally offer medical detox for inpatients. From the detoxification process in the beginning, to the various treatments at the end of the rehabilitation period, constant stability is essential.

Dedicated Staff

Patients can rest assured that the staff of doctors, nurses and counselors will be 100% supportive and attend to their needs in the best ways possible. They will greatly reduce the physical strain and emotional stress felt by the patient.

Round The Clock Monitoring

Patients are given 24-hour monitoring by medical staffs because of the symptoms that are experienced at the time of the withdrawal period. The medical hands in charge are highly skilled and trained to provide the best treatment in any circumstance.

Personal Treatment Plans

From the first consultation at a detox center, a unique treatment plan is created before he or she can begin drug or alcohol detox. Patients are more likely to have success when given treatment plans according to their individual needs. Once the alcohol and drug detox is successfully achieved, rehab can proceed. During the rehabilitation period, the patient will be helped to heal on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

It's important for people addicted to drugs and alcohol to be enlightened about the benefits and success rate of medical detox. With expert treatment at detox and rehab centers, there's no better chance of kicking the habit and regaining good, stable health.


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